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Snow Leopard “Services” Support

PushDialer takes full advantage of the capabilities of Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” by embracing its Services architecture. This means that almost all Mac OS X applications are able to take advantage of PushDialer by right-clicking on a phone number within the application and simply selecting "Dial Number on iPhone".

Since not all applications support the services architecture completely (i.e. Microsoft and Adobe products) or override the context menu behaviors (i.e. Apple iWork), compatibility might vary between applications. See the grid below for a list of confirmed working instances of PushDialer by 3rd-party application.

Supported 3rd-Party Applications

The following table contains all of the known, verified 3rd party applications that work with PushDialer.

Supported Context Menu Services Menu Notes
Safari Leopard (10.5) Requires Bundled Extension
Apple Mail Only supported in Snow Leopard (10.6)
Address Book
Automator Create your own workflows with Automator
Spotlight Coming Soon
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Download Add-On
Mozilla Thunderbird Download Add-On
Postbox Coming Soon
FileMaker Read our Integration Guide for FileMaker
Microsoft Office Unfortunately, Microsoft does not fully support the native Services architecture in Mac OS X, which prevents it from working with PushDialer.
LaunchBar Download Script
QuickSilver Download Plugin
Alfred Coming Soon
Opera Coming Soon

Custom Integration with PushDialer

If you'd like to integrate your application or web site with PushDialer (such as an internal application or Intranet) you may choose from a couple of different solutions:

  • Use the pushdialer:// custom URI scheme from your application, a web site or a document.
  • Using the Automator Action to create a custom workflow.
  • Integrate directly with our API, the same API we use to provide support for our users.